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Plastic Bag Forming Machine With Core factory

Posted: Fri May 26, 2023 6:03 am
by raojia198930
Plastic Bag Forming Machine With Core factory TECHNICAL PARAMETER
Bag Width200-400mm
Bag Length335 mm(min)
Film thickness10-35um per minute
Production Speed100-150m/min x 2lines
Total Power25KW
Air consumption6HP
Machine Weight4600KG
Machine DimensionL6500*W2400*H1900mm
Samples of Plastic Bag:
The condition of machine operating
A. illumination no exceed 3000LX
B. altitude no exceed 1000m
C. The temperature of stuff around the machine should be no higher than
+40潞C and no lower than -20潞C.
D. The relative humidity of air no exceeds 85%.
E. The place should no have conductive dust.
F. Circumstance of no blast danger and fire.
The detail od plastic machine:
Dancing Roller Automatic Rewinder
Unwinder feeding Sealing Cutting and punch
Cooperation BrandPlastic Bag Forming Machine With Core factory
website: ... with-core/