Customized Shape Die

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Customized Shape Die

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Customized Shape Die Products Description
Shape Dies are popular with customers because of their excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and long service life. These products have high hardness and are suitable for electromagnetic wire, platinum rhodium wire, gold wire, silver wire and other wire. Their excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance enable them to be applied in various environments. The surface has been treated in various ways, with good gloss and neatness. We have professional technical personnel, experienced production team and advanced equipment. We are sure to bring you the best quality products.
Shape Dies have uniform hardness, so they will not break due to external impact. Super long life and durable dimensional tolerance make these products suitable for various harsh working environments. Its main advantages are high surface finish and good wear resistance. The surface of these products has scratch resistance and will not leave scratches due to the friction of wire. We accept customized services and can produce according to the drawings you provide. These products have different sizes and surface treatment processes. If you have any requirements, you can tell us, and we will produce according to your requirements.

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