Innovation and Sustainability, the Words That Differentiate Us

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Innovation and Sustainability, the Words That Differentiate Us

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A lot happens in 50 years Half a century ago it was difficult to imagine the world as we conceive it today and technology has been a great manager of this transformation, which has resulted, in short, in making people's lives better. These are 50 years of transformation since sap was born, in which the world changed –and continues to change– rapidly. This has led the company to transform in step with global advances and innovation has been the key to responding to this on time and in a good way. In these years, scenarios have been experienced that imply higher degrees of innovation. In order not to go so far back in time, the pandemic was a good example of how the panorama can become challenging from one moment to the next and of how technology must always be ready to respond when it is most demanded. Therefore, the use of different innovations has allowed us to be more and more effective in understanding the market.

Among them artificial intelligence, big data, automation and robotization of spaces in production plants, which have been some of the value propositions to become an important ally for our clients. These clients, in turn, have demanded these services to face the challenges posed by Sweden Phone Number List their different industries with innovation. And, precisely, thanks to that word, added to the knowledge and value of the industry, thousands of organizations have been able to be in first place in terms of digital transformation. This work with different stakeholders has allowed us to prepare research and development strategies for specific challenges in different markets. Thanks to this, today we contribute to multiple industries, but we also learn from them and their ways of doing and thinking about business. Along with innovation and the objective of making organizations more intelligent, we also find ourselves with a challenge that is increasingly urgent and a priority sustainability. We know that the gains in monetary terms will not be enough to think about turning 50 more years.

For this reason the foundation for the future is to make sustainability one of the pillars of our operation. We don't want to provide profitability only economically for shareholders, but also for communities and the planet. We have transmitted this need to think about truly sustainable businesses to our suppliers and the companies with which we work. Together, we can continue to spread a message of urgency at a time when you don't have to choose between being sustainable and being profitable: you can achieve both goals with the right strategy. It has been 50 years of changes and surely the future will come with challenges that today do not cross our minds. However, with innovation as the main asset – hand in hand with a sustainable and ever-present strategy – we will be ready to work to solve them with excellence. Likewise, it must be taken into account that depending on how the economic policies of the colombian government are managed, they will be decisive in stabilizing the dollar, having favorable economic growth and low inflation . It is important to understand that these factors depend on good economic management provided by the national government, regardless of external factors in the world.
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