Closest relationship Influencers are aware of giving feedback

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Closest relationship Influencers are aware of giving feedback

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Their followers, participating in two-way communication, whenever possible, and taking them into account by giving them discounts, raffles, gifts, etc. They know perfectly the kind of followers they have, so they adapt their messages to generate the greatest interaction between them. faithful community Influencers are capable of generating a faithful community around what they do, making their followers not only follow them, but also participate in their profile, seek to connect and generally recommend and defend them on social networks. This again is one of the most important advantages of influencer marketing, since if you have a high-quality product, but you don't know how to give it a more striking appearance, the follower will continue to trust the influencer's word and trust your product.

Types of influencers Depending on the number of followers they have, influencers are differentiated into groups, you should know that you do not necessarily need to have an influencer with a million Malaysia Phone Number List followers for your campaign to be effective, you will only need a good communicator with some relevance to increase your sales. Nano Influencers This group is characterized by varying between two thousand and five thousand followers , as a general rule they aspire to grow and achieve more followers, for this reason they focus on disseminating and communicating the information they need. In this case we have more followers, since they can vary from five thousand to one hundred thousand (a bit juicier figures, right?). The opinions and recommendations of this group are more solid and valued, they are professionally dedicated to social networks, their communication skills have made them reach a high level, and it is very important to carry out effective campaigns. Macro Influencers We can have one hundred thousand and five hundred thousand followers, but in this case the influencers are more specific about the topics they deal with, focusing on very specific niches, that is, fashion, nutrition fitness.

These campaigns are usually more specific and therefore much more effective, since the target audience is better segmented. famein fuencers These influencers have a fame prior to social networks, that is, I mean singers, poets, writers, etc. Their professional career has made them famous and on social networks they have between five hundred thousand and one million followers. megainfluencers Here we have more than a million followers, this type of influencers are famous in different countries and are known for having a great influence on their social networks due to their condition. In this case, the followers are more diverse and it is not so easy to create a truly effective campaign that meets its objective. benefits of influencers And here is my article on the advantages of influencer marketing, I hope that once you have arrived here you will know all the benefits that this type of campaign can offer you and you will be encouraged to try them. If you want to have a quality agency that works with you and imposes your objectives as its own, do not hesitate to contact us , we will offer you a really effective campaign that will help you increase your sales.
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