the problem of being a yoni tantra masseur

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the problem of being a yoni tantra masseur

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the problem of being a yoni tantra masseur
its mostly the stigma around anything sexual in society.
especially in repressed countries and double standard countries.
every time i speak about it people are mostly skeptical and they dont know what it means.
for example i showed a woman how i am giving an orgasm to my ex gf without touching her.
she thought that she is experiencing pain... lol.. when in fact my ex gf said it was the best experience ever.
with digital nomad forum and business everybody is interested. its in easy sell :-)
Previously programmer, tantra masseur (for over 1000 massage sessions with women sometimes with 2 women at the same time), now owner of where i help digital nomads create a passive income and the perfect life. spiritually awakened through mooji
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