Movable Diesel Engine Screw Compressor

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Movable Diesel Engine Screw Compressor

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Movable Diesel Engine Screw Compressor Product Introduction
Double Phase Screw Compressor is highly reliable, uses electricity as energy, and is green and environmentally friendly, compared with traditional piston compressors. The slide valve is used to adjust, which can realize the stepless adjustment of energy. There is no clearance volume, so the volumetric efficiency is high. Our product has a wide range of uses, especially in industry.
Product Features
With excellent reliability, the unit is light in weight, low in vibration, low in noise, easy to operate, less wearing parts, and high in operating efficiency. Compared with traditional compressors, it is more economical and also more environmentally friendly. It has good environmental adaptability, and excellent vibration isolation technology and noise reduction measures make it very suitable for various outdoor environments. Double Phase Screw Compressoruses high-quality materials and hosts to make them excellent in quality and stable in performance.Movable Diesel Engine Screw Compressor
website: ... ompressor/
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