Hello sexy people

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Hello sexy people

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Hello everyone! My name is Fadi, I don’t know how on earth I came across this and Donjo’s channel, but I’m glad I did!

I am into literally all of the same topics Donjo does videos on and talks about which is why I am interested in this website he is working on, e.g. spirituality, non-dualism, watching thought (meditation), women and relationships as an awakened person and life in general after having the experience of awakening to being awareness itself and not an ego.

As you may know if you are one of the few who just know what all these things mean, there are very few in this world right now who are aware, therefore a forum like this where us few can connect is amazing.

Thank you and hope to have some great conversations here,

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Re: Hello sexy people

Post by fire1 »

Welcome Fadi... just returned from my ebike trip to the beach... love to have you here :-D
Previously programmer, tantra masseur (for over 1000 massage sessions with women sometimes with 2 women at the same time), now owner of yomad.me where i help digital nomads create a passive income and the perfect life. spiritually awakened through mooji
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